Current Date/Time: July 29th 2021

It’s In Your Hands: Legal Information for Seniors And Their Families

As part of the Seniors Legal Planning Project, the Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia (LISNS) has produced a concise and informative booklet entitled "It's in Your Hands: Legal Information for Seniors and their Families". This free publication covers a variety of topics, including Dating and New Relationships; Scam, Identity Theft and Other Fraud; Funeral Pre-planning; Grandparents' Rights; Guardianship of Adults; Health Care Treatment and Consent; Powers of Attorney; Public Trustee; Wills; and, Abuse of Older Adults. Importantly, this booklet is written in plain language, and includes a glossary that defines any legal words used in it.  For more information, go to

The objectives of the project are to:

  • Increase seniors' knowledge and understanding about arranging their legal affairs;
  • Increase the knowledge and understanding of family members, friends, caregivers, and practitioners/service providers working with seniors and their families, about both the legal-financial issues pertinent to seniors and the available resources and supports.